Pancreatic cancer doesn’t give you a chance to reconcile with it. Doesn’t let you make plans sometimes or prepare for the ending. It usually sneaks up on you and gives you no warning until it’s too late. It’s the most reclusive and elusive killer in this sick and ruthless family of diseases. We need programs for pre-screening, we need affordable alternatives to the methods and the drugs that are out there to cope once it’s diagnosed. We need to help out musicians and artists that are battling this disease and don’t have proper healthcare. We want to help out anyone that this disease affects. And most importantly, we need a cure.

The Autumn Leaves Project is founded by singer/songwriter/producer Butch Walker in honor of his late father Butch Walker, Sr, by proudly partnering with the Nikki Mitchell Foundation (supporters are Jamey Johnson, Keith Urban, etc). It’s an already wonderful Nashville based non profit organization that is fighting the fight against pancreatic cancer, in honor of Waylon Jennings’ manager (Nikki) during the later days of Waylon’s successful recording career.. Donating is easy. Right here on this website there’s links that take you to NMF’s site to donate, learn more about Nikki’s story, and to learn more about how you can get involved if this speaks to you like it does us.

“Cancer has played a big and unwelcome role in my lifetime. i have seen it take countless artists, family members (my wife Nora lost both her parents to it), and the one that really hurt the most… My Dad. It’s time for us to “deal with it” and help any way we can…“
-Butch Walker

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