Named after the 1998 flight around the world taken by Nikki Mitchell and NMF president Rhonda Miles, Bridge of Wings is a direct patient services program that provides patients in need with free transportation, house cleanings, meals and many more services tailored to their specific needs.

Pancreatic cancer treatments are intensive and often require a patient to travel long distances to receive the care they need. When patients are unable to work during these critical times, a family can see their income halved. They might have to choose between daily living expenses or potentially life-saving treatment, and often patients are forced to choose the former and not receive the medicines they need.

While working to provide gas cards to patients and their families, Nikki Mitchell Foundation realized the unmet need goes far beyond travel expenses. When a patient’s home is clean and there’s food on the table, they can spend their energy focusing on the care they need. The program was expanded to provide holiday meals for patients and their families, groceries, house cleanings, Ubers and taxi rides to treatment, prescription refills and much more. Nikki Mitchell Foundation makes it easy for patients and their health care team to apply for these services multiple times throughout their treatment.

Nikki Mitchell Foundation actively monitors participation in Bridge of Wings by tracking the number of patients enrolled, the number of states reached, the number of miles driven from the gas cards, and the decrease in number of treatment cancellations.

Infographic by Molly Freel. Portfolio here.


Miles Driven With BOW Cards

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