The NFPTR was established in 1994 to find the causes of pancreatic cancer. In brief, we are interested in both the genetic and non-genetic causes of pancreatic cancer. We are particularly interested in finding the genes that cause pancreatic cancer to cluster in some families. Up to 10% of pancreatic cancer patients have another close relative who has also developed pancreatic cancer.  We cannot yet explain the clustering of pancreatic cancer in most families; however, we continue to identify new familial pancreatic cancer genes that explain this clustering in subsets of families. For example, in 2009 and 2012 we discovered that mutations in the PALB2 and ATM genes jointly account up to 5% of the clustering of pancreatic cancer in families. For more information on the risk of pancreatic cancer in families and the genes associated with pancreatic cancer please see the frequently asked question section at:  www.nfptr.org/faq.php.

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