“Bret’s Stocking” Christmas Fundraiser Donates $3,000 to NMF

Written by Carol Noon.

A few weeks after my husband, Bret, died of pancreatic cancer in August of 2018, my son and I looked at each other and wondered who was going to fill our stockings on Christmas morning. Each Christmas, Bret would fill our stockings with abundance – treats and trinkets spilling out onto the floor. Though we filled his stocking it was never with the same passion as he filled ours. The thought of who would fill our stockings had become the symbol for our loss.

To change our sadness into good, we decided we would hang Bret’s stocking in the stairwell and fill it with pocket change and donations to help support the mission of Nikki Mitchell Foundation.

This year, recognizing that the cost of hotel rooms prohibited patients from seeking out clinical trials, we decided to again hang Bret’s Stocking to collect donations. These donations will support efforts to underwrite those hotel costs and the $3,000 we raised will support this critical step in finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.

I can think of no better way than to honor Bret’s memory than to provide others with this gift.

The Witches of St. Andrews’ Charity Bike Ride Raises $20,000 for Pancreatic Cancer

The Witches of St. Andrews

The Witches of St. Andrews, a non-profit in Panama City, FL, hosted their 3rd annual charity bike ride on October 26, 2019. The Witches group was created in 2017 when seven women gathered to honor one of their own by organizing a charity bike ride to raise money dedicated to pancreatic cancer research and to support local patients suffering from pancreatic cancer.

The ride this year was in honor of Dr. Gregory Grantham and cancer survivors everywhere. The large group gathered, decked out in witchy costumes and ready to make some noise and “ride for a cure.” They rode down Beck Avenue in St. Andrews and ended it with brunch. There was also a contest for best costume and best decorated bike. The Witches raised over $20,000 and donated it to Nikki Mitchell Foundation, which supports their goals to fund pancreatic cancer research, while helping patients.

NMF Friends Raise $1,000 with the “Aluminum Man” event

The Aluminum Man participants

NMF friends Trevor Haines of DOJO Chattanooga and Carol Noon hosted the Aluminum Man event – a fundraising event riff on the Ironman Triathlon, which was held at the same time. While the Ironman competitors did a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22 mile run, the Aluminum Man competitors went the same distance, but in feet. After the 2.4 foot “swim” in a wading pool (with many lifeguards on duty!), they were on to the 112 foot bike ride. After the 26.22 foot run, they were worn out and grabbed ice cold beer in aluminum cans!

The hilarious event on September 28, 2019 was well-attended and raised awareness of Nikki Mitchell Foundation in Chattanooga, TN. They raised almost $1,000 and mailed a check to the foundation wrapped in…aluminum foil.